MySQL Version 4.0.18 freigegeben

Version 4.0.18 der MySQL DB wurde von MySQL freigegeben.

Die neue Version enthält geänderte wie neue Funktionen und bietet einige Bug Fixes. Es folgen Auszüge aus den neuen bzw. geänderten Funktionen gegenüber der Version 4.0.17.

* Fixed processing of LOAD DATA by mysqlbinlog in remote mode. (Bug #1378)

* New utility program `myisam_ftdump‘ was added to binary distributions.

* mysqlhotcopy now works on NetWare.

* ENGINE is now a synonym for the TYPE option for CREATE TABLE and ALTER TABLE.

* lower_case_table_names system variable now can take a value of 2, to store table names in mixed case on case-insensitive filesystems.

* For replication of HEAP tables: Made the master automatically write a DELETE FROM statement to its binary log when a HEAP table is opened for the first time since master’s startup. This is for the case where the slave has replicated a non-empty HEAP table, then the master is shut down and restarted: the table is now empty on master; the DELETE FROM empties it on slave too. Note that even with this fix, between the master’s restart and the first use of the table on master, the slave still has out-of-date data in the table. But if you use the init-file option to populate the HEAP table on the master at startup, it ensures that the failing time interval is zero. (Bug #2477)

* Optimizer is now better tuned for the case where the first used key part (of many) is a constant. (Bug #1679)

* Removed old non-working –old-rpl-compat server option, which was a holdover from the very first 4.0.x versions. (Bug #2428)

Die Liste der Bug Fixes zeigt einige Fehlerkorrekturen.


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