phpMyAdmin Version 2.5.6 veröffentlicht

Version 2.5.6 der Software phpMyAdmin zur Administration von MySQL per Web-Oberfläche erschienen.

Diese neue Version enthält diverse Bugfixes und einige kleinere Änderungen. Der Umstieg wird aus Sicherheitsgründen empfohlen.

Hier die Entwickler Release Notes zur Version 2.5.6:

MySQL 4.1 / 5.0 Note:

phpMyAdmin’s support for MySQL 4.1 / 5.0 is still experimental


* Display database collation
* List collations of all tables
* Pretty printing of charsets
* Can now change the default database charset
* Export now includes charset and collation info
* Foreign key browse window: better sorting for key/value pairs; window is now resizable
* Support for _charset syntax
* Display the maximum size of uploads
* Show MySQL version in SQL printview headers


* Security fix: possible attack against export.php
* Column collations were not displayed in MySQL 5.0
* Character set „binary“ was not correctly detected
* Foreign key browse window: paging did not work
* SHOW FIELDS problem
* Changing a table’s charset changed the charset of all fields (MYSQL >= 4.1.1)
* Problem when SQL_CALC_FOUND_ROWS is in the query
* Internal relations dropped when a field is dropped with the multi-submit mechanism
* Wrong sort link for column aliases
* Wrong row highlighting after „With selected: delete“
* MySQL version check was sometimes done before connecting
* (rc2) Wrong treatment for NULL default value of DATETIME field
* (rc2) Parser: undefined variable
* (rc2) Problem executing stored bookmarks
* (rc2) Privileges: password not copied
* (rc2) Undefined function message (pma_sqp_iserror)
* (rc2) Undefined function message (mysql_get_client_info)
* (rc2) Missing Arabic charset
* (final) Wrong display for multiple queries
* (final) Memory eater in sql parser
* (final) Missing mysql_get_client_info() function



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