Was bedeutet die Partnerschaft mit SAP für den MySQL Anwender?

Auszüge aus einem Text von Kaj Arnö (MySQL) in den Lists von MySQL:

First, the main consequence of the SAP partnership is the same as when we announced it in the first place: you’ll see the development of MySQL speed up further. The SAP partnership provides MySQL AB with resources that enables us to develop new features faster.

Second, if you need features which MySQL still lacks, we suggest that you take a look at MaxDB. You’ll probably find them there. MySQL AB will offer databases that meet a wide range of application needs, whether you like your database fast, stable and easy to use (as in MySQL), or whether you like it enterprise-grade and feature-packed (as in MaxDB).

Third, it will now be easier for you to obtain approval from your management and customers to use MySQL in mission-critical projects. SAP is trusting MySQL AB with their database needs, so why shouldn’t everyone?

MaxDB 7.5 will be able to communicate using the MySQL protocol, which means that you can use the MySQL clients on it. A primary goal is to be able to easily mysqldump data from MaxDB and pipe it into a mysql client as input to MySQL — as well as to mysqldump data from MySQL and pipe it into a mysql client as input to MaxDB.

MaxDB 7.5 also aims at supporting MySQL replication. You can then use MaxDB either as a master or as a slave to MySQL, by hooking it onto the MySQL replication mechanism.

Since MaxDB is a name that is easily confused with MySQL Max, but something entirely different (namely a renamed SAP DB with MySQL interoperability on top), we will reconsider the naming of MySQL Max. We haven’t decided on that name, yet.

Quelle: http://lists.mysql.com/list.php?1:mss:146984

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