RedSheriff setzt PostgreSQL ein

RedSheriff hat die Migration ihres „transaction processing systems“ zur PostgreSQL Datenbank auf Intel Servern abgeschlossen.

RedSheriff gilt Global als der größte Provider von Web Analytics Dienstleistungen. Mit mehr als 11 Büros und über 1.000 Klienten in 38 Ländern.

Hier ein Auszug aus dem Originaltext:

RedSheriff’s chief technology officer John Griffin said although the move has been an “incremental and ongoing process”, it was based on lower TCO.

“We began the transition 12 months ago with the principal costs being associated with integrating the Postgres backend into our systems. A lot of work also went into tuning the hardware and operating system,” Griffin said.

“It made a lot more sense from a business point of view to spend $10,000 at a time on Intel servers, rather than spending $500,000 on a single Unix server. Intel systems are also more horizontally scalable than vertical, which suits the nature of our architecture.”

Before switching to PostgreSQL on FreeBSD and Linux, RedSheriff had used a number of database systems, including Oracle 8 and 9, MSSQL Server and proprietary database technologies.

“There are good tools for the administration of PostgreSQL databases and I would say the administrative overhead is slightly less than for commercial databases, due principally to the lack of some difficult to administer enterprise features,” Griffin said.

According to the company, RedSheriff processes 10 billion records a month and the total amount of data managed is more than 32TB. Griffin said PostgreSQL has been in production for 12 months with not a single database fault in that time “The stability of the database can not be questioned. Needless to say, we are extremely happy.“



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